A Meditation Moment

Written by Majidah Muhammad

Wake up at 6 am. Pack lunches. Make breakfast. Watch the News. Drop children off at school and daycare. Rush to a meeting. Read emails. Respond emails. Eat lunch. Call mom. Respond to text messages. Pick up children from school and daycare. Cook dinner. Wash clothes. Help with homework. Read stories. Give baths. Put children in bed. Fight through tantrums. Clean the kitchen. Go to bed.  Does that sound familiar? And somethings were missing from that typical mom day. 

IT IS A LOT. As moms, we do a whole lot. Often times, it goes unnoticed. It can be a thankless job with no manual or handbook. In order to keep our glow, we have to slow down and take care of ourselves. It helps when we already have a routine or practice in place that requires us to stop for a moment and tune in. 

Meditation is the perfect practice to train your attention and center awareness in order to achieve mental clarity and emotional calmness. Meditation is good for our mind, body and soul.

There are a variety of forms of mediation and there is  no right way to meditate. You can do a guided mediation where you are following cues given by a trained practitioner either in person or over audio or active meditation where you actively noticed and focusing on the objects around you. There is a wide spectrum of practices that can work. The point is, with all the chaos that Moms can encounter on any given day, Moms need a mediation moment to create stillness for ourselves; to help rejuvenate our thoughts and muster up more patience for ourselves and others. 

So add meditation to your glow up tool box. Meditating can be 1 minute to 1 hour— you decide. You are more likely to build the habit if it is anchored to your existing routine. Begin wherever you are. 

Benefits of  meditation

-creates self-awareness

-decreases depression

-reduces stress and anxiety 

-builds focus and concentration

-boosts immune system

-manage overthinking

Meditation is a space in time where nothing and no one is asking or requiring anything of you. The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts. It is to stop letting your thoughts control you.  Your mind may wander as you meditate but the goal is to make a conscious effort to bring your thoughts back to your focus. Our brains can easily drift like wandering sheep. Catching it and putting it back to the object of focus is the meditation. Stay at peace. The goal is also to take what is practiced during meditation into how we handle every day life.

These apps make meditation Easy

  1. ShineText
  2. Headspace
  3. Me. 
  4. Meditation Studio
  5. Simple Habit- Meditation

Meditation is a daily practice. Keep showing up!

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  1. Michelle X says:

    This article indeed gave me some push to meditate. Not that I hadn’t heard about the benefits of it before, but sometimes we forget what good it can do. Need to start doing it for sure!!! Thanks for this article💜

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