Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Written by Majidah Muhammad

Coughs, sneezes, sore throat and tissues! It’s that season again. This time of year people usually start feeling sick, especially moms who are exposed to baby and school germs. In order to have a speedy recovery, it’s important to continue to feed you and your family healthy foods while the symptoms of your cold or flu resolve. Here are a few mom approved tips for you and your children to build your immune system—

-Drink plenty of fluids — runny noses, sweating and fevers can drain your body of liquids. Replenishing those fluids are important. The best liquids to drink are water, herbal tea, or broth.

-Moms avoid alcohol, processed foods and caffeinated drinks. These things can extend your cold or flu longer than necessary, lower your immune system, and cause dehydration.

-Eat plenty of garlic, dark honey, ginger, yogurt, elderberry syrup— these foods are sure to give your immune system a boost.

-Use a humidifier—This is a commonly overlooked best practice. Research shows that flu viruses like to thrive in cold and dry places, making winter air an ideal breeding ground for the virus. Keeping humidity levels in your home between 40 and 60 percent, will reduce the survival of the flue virus in the air and on surfaces.

-Clean Common Areas and Surfaces Often —-Germs live on surfaces and spread to humans through skin contact so anything that we touch frequently could transfer germs. Disinfect doorknobs and shared electronics regularly. Keep disinfectant wipes handy for quick wipe downs.

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