Birth Your Vision

Written by Ayanna Muhammad

Far too often some women remain under the notion that once you enter motherhood, your personal dreams and goals turn to dust. Yes motherhood is certainly like a rights of passage into womanhood, an act of selflessness, and ultimately one of the biggest sacrifices both physically and mentally that a woman can make, BUT the buck doesn’t have to stop there. You have women who solely desire to stay at home after baring children, which is a job in itself, but there is also very high percentage of women who desire to accomplish a thing or two outside of the household. With different strokes for different folks, there are ways to maintain the role of mom that allow, but to also see that your visions can become your reality, and furthermore actually achieve optimum success in the process.

Think It. When you visualize what you want to get accomplished you are planting the seed in your mind to bring the thought into fruition, and that is the first step to making the dream a reality. The concept of visualization is not a foreign one when you are measuring what success is and how to achieve it, and there is an actual science to prove it all. Set your intent, whether you vocalize it or write it down, let it be known what you are trying to accomplish. Thoughts are powerful, so constantly visualize your goals, so that ultimately the reality exceeds the dream.

Plan It. Whether it is your personal goals, business goals, or anything else in between, it’s vital to have a plan of action. To have a blueprint for the goals that you are trying to achieve, or work you are trying to accomplish allows you to maintain control of the vision. Planning means to have an outline that helps you reach each milestone you intend to go after, and allows you to focus on all the task at hand. Make a list of task in the order of importance so that you have something tangible to work off of when getting started. Come up with a realistic timeline for yourself that allows you to track your progress, allows you the opportunity to see areas of improvement, and most importantly, forces you to hold yourself accountable for it all. Create that to do list and start checking things of, because the work isn’t even close to being over.

Execute It. You have the vision, and you have the plan, so now it’s time to work. This is the last leg of the race, but it’s on you to cross the finish line. Keep the detailed visualization at the forefront of your mind don’t let your plan fall on deaf ears because this part of the process is where you have to roll up your sleeves and work. To keep it short and simple, once you reach this stage of birthing the vision you created for yourself its go time. No point of being strategic if you aren’t going to move on it, so do yourself a favor, and just do it.

If you have birthed a child, think back to the moment where it was time to deliver. It didn’t matter how pregnant you were, when it was time to push you had to put in some work. It didn’t matter how jittery or anxious the baby was in the womb to come out, you still had to do your part to bring forth new life. Just how you put in the work to birth your child, you put that same know how into birthing your visions. Think it, plan it, execute it, and then repeat it. Don’t be the only thing standing between you and your success!

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