Hot Girl Summer: Mom Edition…

Written by Ashleigh Brown

We’ve all seen people talking about #HotGirlSummer on social media. All over the world women are living their best lives traveling, partying and enjoying the summer time with their friends and family and tagging #HotGirl under their perfectly posed, fierce pictures. Texas Southern University student and lyrical legend in the making Meagan Thee Stallion coined the term #HotGirl and makes music for all the fine, hard working, sexy hot girls and that includes moms too. YES YOU! If you were wondering if you can have a #HotGirlSummer while being a mom you absolutely can. You just have to manage your time and plan accordingly. Don’t let the kid free ladies have all the fun in the sun. Grab the girls and check out the tips below for having a #HotMomSummer!

Brunch with friends

As a mom you are more than likely always preparing meals for your kids and eating whenever you can get a free minute.  Set aside a few hours at least once a month to have brunch at your favorite restaurant with your spouse or a few girlfriends.  Get cute, eat food, and have some good girl talk!

Self Care

Don’t forget about self-care! You don’t always have to be on the move this summer and taking time for yourself to journal, listen to music or sit in silence is essential to your mental health. Do a facemask, grab a glass of whatever it is that you are drinking, and press play on the DVR to catch up on your favorite shows. A #HotMom must take care of her mental health and rejuvenate herself to be able to balance work, kids and fun!

Girl’s Night Out

When was the last time you went out with the girls? If you had to think about that for more than a few seconds that means it’s been way too long. You deserve to go have a night out with your girlfriends and go dancing. Hire a babysitter or leave the kid’s home with Dad. Girl’s night out is important to reconnect with friends, let loose and have laughs. It’s a great excuse to get glammed up and feel sexy again. You are a #HotMom and deserve to feel like it every once in a while.

Photo shoot

Speaking of getting glammed up and feeling sexy again, make sure you take lots of pictures! Not only do these pictures capture memories for years to come, posing for pictures and getting the perfect angle is a definite confidence booster. It’s not too often moms get to wear pretty dresses and heels or wear makeup, so you must capture the moment to remember you are a beautiful woman who can show up and show out. Take turns being the model and photographer with your friends so each of you has a few pictures to post on the gram with the caption #HotGirlSummer or in your case #HotMomSummer These are just a few ways moms can live their best life while taking care of their family and themselves. What are some other ways you balance motherhood and fun? Comment below!

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