The Power Of A Plan…

Written by Mary Andoh

To say that the year 2020 kicked off in an unexpected way is an understatement. Unexpected and unprepared, these are feelings that many of us probably feel, and not just this year, but in many different stages of life. How many times have we stated, “I just wasn’t ready!!!!” and it’s a valid feeling. So many circumstances and situations can happen that affect us, that we will never be able to prepare for, but what about the things we can prepare for? The things we want out of life? Starting a business, or stepping into that dream role, or even starting a family? All of those things require some sort of preparation (no matter how small) on our part, they don’t just happen.
There’s a certain power in planning. 

When you actually set up to plan.. you’re stepping out on your belief that what you want is going to happen. It’s the easiest way to make sure the many thoughts and ideas in our heads actually make it to fruition. When you write (or type) out your shopping list, that list usually holds us accountable for what we are going to buy. It’s the worst thing when you forget that ONE thing you really needed. Same with your plan. Having it written down on paper or in your phone or on your computer will hold you responsible for making those goals come true.  Just like when we make a promise to someone, or make plans with a group of friends, speaking your plans into the existence can have the same effect.

You’ve said it, and now you have to execute.Execution will always be the hardest. Actually putting one foot in front of the other to start doing what you need to do, and to make it harder, those unexpected twists and turns of life will affect how and when we do hit that end goal. But the most important part of executing is being patient with yourself. Trusting the fact that you have a plan and no matter how long it takes, you will achieve it.
So whether your plan is as big as wanting to be your own boss, or have your own house…. or as small as wanting to try that new restaurant that you never had the time to…. make your plan… then prepare to step into your greatness this year. 

New Year, new goals, and new plans, so use these new opportunities to get it right.

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