Love Of My Life…

Written by Leah Armour

Dear Diary,

Lexington Hope made me a mother on March 24, 2019. I am still in shock that I have the responsibility to raise this little human being. I knew what life was before him, but now that he has been here I can’t believe I was living life without him. He is almost one years old, but the shock of being a mother still feels new every single day. Not only am I a mother, but a single mother at that, raising a black boy to become a man. The task is one that is naturally difficult but the reward is unmatched. I would not change my situation for anything in the world simply because it is molding me into an even stronger black woman.

But let’s talk. Who would have ever thought that being a mom was this hard. I sometimes just wake up and cry in the morning asking the Lord why can’t I figure it out, then other times I sit and just thank the Lord for equipping me with the tools to carry out my job as a mother. Some days are better than others is what I am saying. Some days I know it all or at least I think. and other days I’m like what the heck am I doing?

One thing I have learned about being a mother is patience is key. Because nothing and I mean nothing ever goes as planned. Being a mother is the best gift God has ever given to me. My son rocks my world literally. He does what he wants when he wants to, but I would not change this experience or the opportunity to watch him grow for the world. I’m almost a year in and I’m still like what in the world am I doing, but I do know that God is continue to guide me in this journey. Through the ups and downs, peaks and valleys, motherhood is something I wasn’t prepared for, but I am loving and appreciating every part of this ride.

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