No Pressure…Right?

Written by Mary Andoh

Remember your younger days where many of you thought you were going to be married by 25? Have a big house with two children, a dream job and driving your dream car? What were you thinking???

Fast forward to present day and some of you may have achieved all of those things, some of you may have achieved a couple, and some of you may have attained none of those things. As happy as you are for those around you reaching certain milestones, the internal pressure does tend to increase. “Maybe I’m behind“. “I’m at a certain age now, why don’t haven’t I bought a condo yet” “Everyone has a child or family but me“.

A lot of your internal pressures and thoughts tend to be exaggerated & made bigger in our own minds. Everyone doesn’t have everything, but we live in a technologically dominated society where the illusion is there that your counterparts are living the dream. It almost as though with every social media notification, the pressure is on for you. An engagement, a marriage, has a new car, a new starts a new job, and everything in between can bring on the anxiety, but guess what, JUST BREATHE!

Its easy to fall victim to the pressures, but don’t.! Heading into this new year, here are a couple things to remember…

The Grass Is Always Greener. Nobody is born with the same circumstances. So how we achieve our success cant be compared to anyone else. It’s easy to do, but think about it… nobody has been through what you’ve been through. There won’t be anyone who can say they’ve lived a life exactly like yours and vice versa. The big job that you saw someone land yesterday could have been the result of many years of being broke and jobless… we just didn’t see it. The new marriage we saw, could have been the result of many heartbreaks and bad relationships. The new child? A result of wanting a child for so long and not getting one. As long as we have breath in our body, there’s always another chance.

We All Have a Different Path. While we should always be appreciative of where we are in life, there will always be moments when you realize that you’ve made sacrifices in one area of your life for another. You may have see great success in the home you’ve created and with your children and significant other, but maybe wish you had another career. On the flip side, you maybe seeing major successes in your career but realize that you’re lonely on a personal level. Yes, you can have both, as many women do. But don’t ever feel bad if you’re in that situation. Just remember there’s someone out there who wants exactly what you’ve been blessed with. 


There’s still time.  There’s still opportunity to have those things we want. Sometimes we just may have to close your phones and your computers and go out and get it. Breathe girl, you got this!

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