The Glow Up

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Written by Majidah Muhammad Coughs, sneezes, sore throat and tissues! It’s that season again. This time of year people usually start feeling sick, especially moms who are exposed to baby and school germs. In order to have a speedy recovery, it’s important to continue to feed you and your family healthy foods while the symptoms of your cold or flu…read more
Dear Diary

I Was Built For This…

Written By Majidah Muhammad Dear Dairy, I’ve been reminded that Motherhood is tough, but so are you. That has been my theme for the past 5 years since becoming a mother. My journey to motherhood started way before I physically became a mother. I was a mother to my dolls, to the children I constantly babysat and I thought I…read more
The Glow Up

The Mental Detox

Written by Ayanna Muhammad A cleanse of the mind, body, and soul can be just what the doctor prescribed when you feel like you need to let go of unnecessary baggage. Tip top performance from you means that you are more of a benefit to those around you. Follow these tips to help you detox mentally, and rid you of…read more
Coffee & Conversation

Birth Your Vision

Written by Ayanna Muhammad Far too often some women remain under the notion that once you enter motherhood, your personal dreams and goals turn to dust. Yes motherhood is certainly like a rights of passage into womanhood, an act of selflessness, and ultimately one of the biggest sacrifices both physically and mentally that a woman can make, BUT the buck…read more
Coffee & Conversation

I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T…..Do You Really Know What That Means?

Written by Amira Hakeem Where are the single moms at? You are here, because you’re always there....for your family, for your friends and most importantly for your children. But what about yourself? Sometimes single moms aren’t selfish enough, but instead overly selfless. One could ask, are all single moms doomed to just be hard working and independent? Independence is great,…read more
The Glow Up

A Meditation Moment

Written by Majidah Muhammad Wake up at 6 am. Pack lunches. Make breakfast. Watch the News. Drop children off at school and daycare. Rush to a meeting. Read emails. Respond emails. Eat lunch. Call mom. Respond to text messages. Pick up children from school and daycare. Cook dinner. Wash clothes. Help with homework. Read stories. Give baths. Put children in…read more