Protect Your Peace: 5 Ways To Maintain Your Mental…

Written by Editor-in-Chief Ayanna Muhammad

Whether you are new to mommyhood or a certified vet in the game, learning to balance it all while protecting your mental peace can be a challenge in itself. Remember, you are no good to anybody else if you are no good to yourself, and mental health is just as important as the physical, so here are 5 quick tips to implement on a regular to maintain your mental when it comes to mommyhood.

Be Realistic. The Expectation is that you accomplish 10 million task in one day, but the reality is that there is only 24 hours in a day so you do what you can. Celebrate the small wins and pat yourself on the back for what you did check off your to do list and keep working at it.

Connect With Other Moms. Having a support system is always helpful in any situation. A strong since of community can really help lower the stress levels that we tend to put on ourselves do to the heavy responsibilities we have on a day to day. Get together once a week, whether on the phone or in person to, relate and release with another mom.

Stick To A Schedule. Proper organization prevents chaos, so do yourself a favor and get into a routine. You are much more effective and tend to be highly productive when you have some structure.

Accept The Olive Branch. Yes you are super mom but even Batman had Robin. If you have people that you love and trust, who are willing to assist you from time to time, it’s okay to accept it. It doesn’t make you any less of a super mom by asking for help. If your support system extends the olive branch, take it, period.

Find Your Happy Place. Mother is the first teacher, first doctor, first therapist, first protector, and everything in between to those around you. Many people benefit from your greatness, which means that you have to protect your peace at all cost. Figure out what you need to do to protect your peace, and do it. Your happy place is where you go when you just need to just take a moment and regroup. Whether it’s a place, an activity, a song, or whatever it might be, go there.

Sis, whether you know it or not, you keep it all together, so you have a lot on your shoulders. Give it all you got, show up, and shout out every single time, because that’s just what you do, just make sure you protect your peace in the process.

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