Glow Up Then Sis…

Written by Aneesa Muhammad

If you didn’t already know, the real glow up starts from the inside out, BUT its also important that we don’t neglect that beautifully moisturized melanin skin. If you want to keep that summer time glow all year round, here are just a few tips to make those no make-up days that much sweeter, and show off that naturally sun-kissed skin.

-Exfoliation: EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE. This is the most important part of skin care. Just like you have to use a wash cloth to wash your body or the dirt won’t come off, your head is apart of that same body. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you don’t necessarily have to use a scrub on a daily, but exfoliating is a necessary step in keeping your glow.

-Washcloth: Use a different washcloth each day on your face. You don’t want dirt from Wednesday on your Thursday face. This has become a major key in the healing of my skin. So stack up on wash clothes, and don’t cheat your face.

-Moisturizer: Your moisturizer is probably one of the most important aspect to your skincare routine. Why? Because it stays on your face the longest. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, you must always wear a moisturizer. Dry skin needs oils for obvious reasons. People with oily skin typically shy away from moisturizers, however, the way your skin works, when you don’t moisturize it actually becomes more oily, which then causes more breakouts. Applying moisture onto your face sends a signal to your body that “they’re good”, and your body doesn’t produce as much oil, so do yourself a favor and keep your face feeling refreshed and replenished.

-Masks: use a mask at least once biweekly. This will give your skin a nice jump start that it needs. Sometimes our skin may be breaking out but it just doesn’t have that shine we are used to. That’s because dead skin has found a nice resting place in our pores. A mask is the perfect way to get rid of what doesn’t belong on your skin, and brings you back to life.

-Drink water: I know this is cliche, but there is no way around it. Our bodies shows us its appreciation on the outside by what we put on the inside, so your water intake is going to play a major roll in the way your skin flourishes.

All in all, take care of the body that takes care of you, and that includes your face. So keep these tips in mind, don’t neglect the skin that you are in, and may your glow up continue to be real!

Product recommendation list:

All products on this list are from The Beaute loft ( IG @thebeauteloftco)

Exfoliant: Tea tree scrub

Face wash: Tea Tree bar/ Tea tree gentle cleanse

Moisturizer: Body butter

Mask: Charcoal mask

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