Holiday Health Check…

Written by Mary Andoh

Doesn’t it seem like the end of the year is just the hardest time to stay committed to our health and fitness goals?  Seems like there are more birthdays than usual, more get-togethers filled with lots of good food and drink… and it’s so cold out some days, the best option is to curl up inside with a good book or movie! Here are some tips to still be able to maintain your health goals in the busiest time of the year. 

Moderation – This doesn’t just have to apply to food either. It could include drinks, shopping, anything of the sort. Try not to go overboard. Your favorite treats will always be there. Try being moderate in your shortcuts. Do you take the elevator a lot? If you are able, try cutting down and taking the stairs a few times a day. Your body will thank you for every little change!

Track your habits – Write down what you’re eating and drinking in order to keep yourself accountable. If you’re a busy person on the go and prefer to use technology, the free app “My Fitness Pal” is amazing. You can track all your food and drinks per day in one sitting. They’ve even grown to include specialized and niche foods. 

Don’t neglect your sexual health – A healthy lifestyle is top of mind, but often we neglect to talk about the sexual aspect. The CDC released some 2019 health reports which indicated the US just hit a “troubling high in STD rates”. Some diseases are dormant for years, so best practice is to get checked every 6 months, whether you’re involved with someone or not. Planned Parenthood provides a very affordable and amazing comprehensive woman’s exam. It includes all STD & HIV checks, a pap smear, and a breast exam.

Lastly, Don’t feel bad! – We all fall short of our goals & it’s going to happen more than once, more than a few times so don’t feel bad! Recognize yourself and the effort you are putting in, and always try try again.

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