Note To Self…You Are Dope…

Written by Ayanna Muhammad, Editor-in-chief

It’s quite easy to be bitten by the societal bug that shows you an unachievable standard of beauty, which naturally creates a level of self doubt within yourself that has now become harder to shake off than ever before. Confidence isn’t something that you can go buy a bag of, so you may ask how do you get to that level of being comfortable in the skin that you are in?

Speak life into yourself: If you don’t believe in you sis, nobody else will. Once you stop complaining about what isn’t, and start showing gratitude to what is, you will quickly see how much of a difference this makes on your day to day outlook.

Their expectations aren’t your reality: Stop giving people the power to make decisions for you. No one else can be the captain of your ship except you. The quicker you learn that your life is for you to live for you and not everybody else, you begin to feel that load lighten up a little for you. In short, do you sis.

You can never be replicated: The feel of your skin, the hair on your head, every curve on your body, and everything in between is what makes you…you. Realize that you are a classic, and should be treated as such. The quicker you understand how precious your are, the faster you will start acting like it, and so will everybody else.

Guard your spirit: Guard your mind and protect your peace from those things that can kill your spirit. Watch out for the negative seeds than can be planted that will begin to affect your energy. It’s easier said than done, but keep yourself on high waves and positive vibrations. Outer beauty fades but inter beauty leaves a permanent print on a soul forever.

Clap it up: What is for you, will always be for you, so there is no need to dim another’s light just for you to shine. There is enough success for everybody to go around. Everybody gets their opportunity at success, so change the narrative and show support instead of the latter. So clap it up for the next sis, you might be up next.

The only way for you to end the cycle of broken confidence, self doubt, and feelings of fear to be unapologetically you is for you to begin to be comfortable with who you are no matter who is around. So just remember, chin-up sis, you are dope.

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