Take Care Of The Skin You’re In…

Written by Shimah Abdullah

Let’s face it, we all want clear skin, but with crazy environmental conditions and everyday stresses, it’s almost impossible unless you do the work. With that being said, here are 5 simple steps for fighting the good fight to keep and achieve flawless skin:

1. You’ve heard it before, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! Our bodies are predominately water and we lose that water everyday through sweat, tears, and other bodily functions. When we are dehydrated, our skin dries up and leaves a less than desirable appearance, so drink up and add foods to your diet which contain water.

2. The foods you eat are very important to your skins health. Constantly consuming processed foods that have little to no nutritional value will also affect the health and overall appearance of your skin in a negative way. Fresh fruits and veggies are a MUST and its also recommended that incorporating navy beans to your diet has proven benefits in overall health. One cup of navy beans contains almost 100% of the vitamins and minerals the FDA regulates that we should be consuming everyday, so you can’t go wrong with them. Add them to your favorite smoothie, make a soup or salad, or use them to replace chic peas in homemade humus; the possibilities are endless.

3. EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE: to scrub or get rid of dead skin cells. This part is very important. It’s recommended to use something water soluble such as baking soda. Pour some in a small container, add just a bit of water, and make a paste. Use your finger tips to apply this mixture to your face and move your fingers in a circular motion to get a nice, gentle scrub and rinse off with water. Doing this 3 times a week is extremely helpful. If you have more sensitive skin is, reduce to once a week.

4. Wash your face with a natural cleanser that won’t dry your skin out. You want to look for moisturizing ingredients in your products such as honey. Vitamin C is also a great ingredient because in the event that you have acne marks or suffer from hyperpigmentation, the appearance of these issues can be reduced.

5. Moisturize! Whether it’s oil based or oil free, make sure to moisturize after the above steps. This will aid your skin in its suppleness and youthful appearance. Serums are really popular now. They are vitamin packed and just what your skin needs to give it that glow.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to see an improvement even in a matter of days.

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