The Components To True Growth…

Written by Kalimah Muhammad, Staff Writer

With time and life experiences comes growth, and it’s safe to say that journey through motherhood  qualifies as one of those events that naturally evolve any woman. You morph into a new person and in some instances, you begin to lack identity of self, which can cause you to become stagnant in your growth. So now the question becomes how to combat stagnant behavior, not lose self identity, and continue your own personal growth and development in this stage of your life? Let’s take a look into three components that are beneficial in this growth process, and how to implement them:

Spiritual. Spiritual growth is a journey with your creator. Whether you understand it now or not, you are here to serve a purpose.  As a mom with ample responsibility of others, it is imperative that you self-reflect, because a lack of spiritual growth can feel like death on the mind. In order to grow yourself spiritually you have to talk to yourself, and move past traumas in the mind. A great way to start is with affirmations. On a subconscious level, you want to tell yourself the things that you need to grow. Observe your daily lifestyle, start doing the things that you subconsciously want to do, and sit more still in your thoughts.  Spiritual growth should involve affirmations, meditation, and prayer. You want to connect to God and constantly ask God to help you maintain balance and peace and to remove the thoughts of fear off of your mind. 

Physical. Physical growth is connecting to your nature through food and a strong physical body. A great way to jumpstart physical growth is to start focusing on your breathing, taking in more oxygen outside, walking, moving your body through physical exercise and intaking natural life foods. Chemicals slow down physical growth, lack of oxygen can keep you depressed, and lack of movement will make you sluggish. All of these things create a lack of endorphins, which takes away from our excitement and enthusiasm for life. Most women will find that if they just stretched their bodies more and breathed properly that it would have a strong effect on their mind and their peace.

Mental. Mental growth is a key to evolving the mind. It is imperative to attain new information and input new habits into our lives with consistency. A great way to grow mentally is to feed your mind. Read a book, listen to audios, learn a new language, or work on a hobby. Adding new things into the mind helps the mind to form new pathways, new ideas, answer unanswered questions, and form new thoughts. All of these things done consistently will ultimately create more discipline.

In order to grow, you must put these processes into action and form new habits. When you make the conscious effort to focus on yourself and implementing beneficial change into your daily routine, these things naturally cause a positive reaction. The chemistry of who you are starts to change and causes a new form of discipline, and discipline of self is one of the biggest factors of self evolution, so do yourself a favor and start becoming the best version of yourself, because you deserve it.

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