The Real Snapback…

Written by Jazzmine Strickland

That beautiful bun in the oven will have you glowing from the inside out, but there are still a few ways to be proactive in maintaining your physical heath during your pregnancy. Here are a few preventative tips to keep you in tip top shape while you carry that precious cargo. Remember, health and safety are always the first priority when baby is baking, so please consult your physician to ensure that you are clear to workout during your pregnancy.

1. Healthy eating is a must. Eating clean can ensure that baby is getting all the proper nutrients. This can included lean meat, vegetables, brown rice, fruits, and other healthy foods. Its nothing wrong with wanting to fulfil that sweet tooth every once and a while, but balance is key.

2. Water Intake is crucial. Although when you are pregnant the last thing you may want to do is run to the bathroom every two seconds, which is usually the case anyway, but it is important you stay hydrated for you and the baby.  

3. Exercise. If you did not workout before pregnancy, stick to light cardio (check with your doctor). A light jog, weight lifting, yoga, zumba, or some other form of movement can be beneficial not only for you to stay fit, but can really prepare your body to push, making your labor and delivery smoother.

4. Self discipline. Remember just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you need to over eat. Eating for two is a very big misconception, which causes women to overeat during pregnancy which can lead to other health issues for yourself and your baby. If you do find yourself a little more hungry than normal, try to snack on something healthy (fruit, vegetables, or any healthy snacks).

5. Prayer. Although pregnancy is a wonderful blessing and joyful moment in your life, it can also be stressful and cause anxiety. Praying and relying on faith can be exactly what you need in order to get you through those tough times.

Although it can be a struggle to workout due to being tired from the pregnancy, just remember that it can actually give the boost of energy you need, and relieve some unwanted stress!

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