The Mental Detox

Written by Ayanna Muhammad

A cleanse of the mind, body, and soul can be just what the doctor prescribed when you feel like you need to let go of unnecessary baggage. Tip top performance from you means that you are more of a benefit to those around you. Follow these tips to help you detox mentally, and rid you of all the things that are counterproductive to your success.

Get Organized. Clutter equals chaos, and nothing can get done in it, so take the time to straighten up. The clearer the space, the more creative you can allow yourself to be. If there is no balance in your day to day it becomes very difficult to stay effective. Staying organized allows you the flexibility to adjust when needed. So do yourself a favor, remove yourself from the disorder, and commit to maintaining order in your surroundings.

Stay Active. Your physical health and mental health go hand in hand. Hit the gym, ride a bike, or even just take a walk to get some fresh air. Try your best to incorporate some form of physical activity in your day to day agenda to keep your body at its best. Not only is this something that can serve as a preventative measure for you, but it is also something that will provide you with positive long term benefits when you stay consistent with it.

Find Your Creative Outlet. Whether it’s music, reading, or writing, having a method to express yourself both verbally and nonverbally play a really big part in your mental detox. Whether you are expressing these thoughts to yourself or someone else, take the time to engage. There is proven research that shows that when you do something you enjoy you not only reduce your blood pressure, but it’s easier to keep anxiety at bay.

For a moment….just be

Take A Step Back From Social Media. Rid yourself of fake reality for a second and learn to be present. Enjoy a moment without posting it for the world to see. Far too often many people get caught up in seeking the attention, approval, or validation of others, so its habitual to share our most public and private moments with the world.

Rest. You would think that this is the easiest concept to understand, but it seems like the older you get, the harder it is to get some quality sleep. Your body has to recharge itself, so to avoid running on fumes it’s imperative that you try to put yourself on a schedule to get the rest that you can. Studies show that during sleep your brain rids itself, so do yourself a favor and shut it down for a few hours. Every night you get a chance to click the reset button, so take advantage of the naturally healing that getting some sleep with do for your body.

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  1. Janiah A. says:

    Great tips, especially the social media one!

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