Vaccines…What You Should Know About The Needle…

Written by Sydney Allen

As a parent, one thing we focus on most is the health of our children. Especially as mothers. Our children are becoming sicker and sicker as we try all kinds of new diets and plans to optimize their health, but one thing seldom addressed is the impact of vaccines. Almost every child born in this nation receives vaccinations starting from day one up until about age 18. The topic of vaccination can be a delicate one with strong feelings on both sides, but one thing that needs to be looked at carefully is the vast lack of knowledge. If you ask your typical parent what they really know about vaccines you’ll get an extremely short answer because most parents rely solely on the pediatrician for information. That mistake is costing our children their health and in some cases their lives.

Let’s look at some facts:

Almost 4 billion dollars has been paid to families of those children injured or killed by vaccines and the Department of Health and Human Services estimated that LESS than 1% of adverse events are reported. Last year a 101 million dollar settlement was reached for an infant who suffered from a severe life altering reaction to the MMR vaccine. This alone proves there is
absolutely a risk to getting vaccines. Another fact is that last year the Department of Health and Human Services was sued by the ICAN network, a group responsible for overseeing the CDC, and was forced to admit they haven’t done any vaccine safety studies in the past 30 years.
To top that off, a study was done by researcher Anthony Mawson showing that children who don’t get vaccinations are drastically healthier than their peers who are vaccinated. Less illness, less allergies, less learning disabilities etc.

A few points to take away:

-Exemptions for school admittance are available in many states so you have the option to not vaccine your child if they attend public school or daycare. Simply ask the school office and they will provide you with the correct forms.

-Always ask for the vaccine package insert given to the doctors office BEFORE allowing your child to get the shots. This is not the one page information sheet your pediatrician hands you. The insert is usually very long and has ingredients, common side effects, dosage etc. If they say they don’t have them, it’s time to find a new pediatrician.

-Read, read, read. Reading is fundamental to keeping your children safe.

Below is a list of good places to start researching. Your doctor is not an epidemiologist and keep in mind they get paid bonuses by insurance companies to keep the vaccination rates of their practices high. Be brave! Many of you will be surprised to find out how much medical bullying goes on around the decision to not vaccinate. Not only that but many parents will fight against your hesitation to vaccinate just as strongly as we fight to spread knowledge of the harm they can do.

Take the time to do the research and always follow your instinct. If anyone deserves it, your children do.
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